Soft Skills for Success

Leadership is a quality that is desirable by all of us and we do possess certain level of it. However, when we talk of leadership, we mean to influence masses.

We of course do not find many such individuals, why it is so?

Leadership like any other human quality is very deep rooted with the Biology and we often call it as unique Mind-Body – Soul combination.

This quality is developed by the way a individual responds to a situation and takes decisions. This however is too complex to understand, and difficult to predict. Therefore, you do not find great leaders coming occasionally from a certain institution, families, etc because that path is not Fully understood.


Nature’s Lesson 

Learn strategy from Nature, how seeds are spread through tasty and attractive fruits.

The seeds are the most precious part of the Tree and thus it deviced such a great concept of Fruit that carries and further spreads it for future propagation.

ubility is a very common term which we use to confirm that a solid like sugar  has dissolved or visually disappeared and offered a clear solution.

This clear solution or  single phase liquid is called as solution of sugar in water.

Solubility is therefore transformation of a solid into it’s  molecules in the solvent.

Because of molecular state presentation, the sugar is not visible and we call it dissolved.

So, it is molecular dispersion of sugar in water means sugar and water molecules are present and no solid sugar is present.

Though we treat this uniform and call it as 1% or 10 mg/ml, but we know that molecules of sugar are not arranged in a definite pattern and hence if you analyse concentration at molecular level , you can have very different values of concentration.

Therefore, concentration  as 1% or 10 mg/ml up to certain level will be uniform, but as you go very low concentrations, you will start getting larger variations in the concentration values.

Yoga is a great concept of enlightenment and awakening. It helps you improve your mental abilities and attain Happiness.

Yoga is spiritual in the sense that it connects you very easily with others.Yoga means joining other soul, social awakening and drive the Mass.

Taking souls together and awakening each and everyone with your association.

Attaining the state of joining souls and moving together for awakening is YOGA.

Let’s begin the journey now and get connected with souls, this would get immense peace and happiness.

Conscious space is mother of thoughts and this thought travels to mind and  interacts with body and gets assimilated in the biological system. 

It his is t conscious space that need to get controlled by meditation, prayer,happiness…..

This conscious space is extremely powerful and it is not just space it like space with tremendous energy, like space around a strong magnet or gigantic Star.

Trees – Silent Saint

Trees are great creation of the nature. They show us path to Success ,Prosperity and Glory.

They stand bold, fearless and strong, no matter what may come. They do not move even if strong sun, rain, wind is there.

They face all these adversities to give someone shade, fuel, food.

A great message towards meaning of life.

Someone has given me Life, hence Live for someone.

Anxiety state is too common in today’s stressful life due to poor Mind-Body management. The state of Anxiety is very harmful for the health as well as performance and hence it must be managed on priority.

During such state, first of all treat the Mind  and  Brain separate. Cconsider yourself as a parent or as a matured individual and Mind as a kid.  Now talk to your Mind as you are talking to an anxiety affected man and make your mind understand that the current state of Anxiety is not good for it and he must calm down and become Happy.

Such dialogue is very effective and works great since only you are involved in the process.